Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Release Date, Kingdom Hearts 3 Teaser, and E3 Trailer Analysis

We finally got some more news on Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix. The E3 2014 trailer for the HD collection has just been released, and announces that the release date will be set for December 2.

This is a longer wait than I was expecting. I was hoping for a release sometime between August an October, but it looks like that won’t be the case. I’m sure it’s for good reason.

The trailer consisted of scenes from the games that will be featured in the collection: Kingdom Heart 2 Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix, and cutscenes from Kingdom Hearts Coded.

They also threw in a very cryptic teaser for Kingdom Hearts 3 at the end.
I’m really hoping we get more than this from Kingdom Hearts 3 at E3, though that ending will definitely keep people speculating for a little while.

Disclaimer: I’m about to analyze the Kingdom Hearts 3 portion of this trailer. For those who don’t follow the series, what I am about to discuss is about to sound like a foreign language. For those who haven’t gotten around to playing all of the games before Kingdom Hearts 3 (which is necessary by the way), I will be bringing up spoilers for the series. You have been warned.

So we see a profile of someone’s head on the left that is cut off, as well as on the right. Judging by the hairstyles, this looks like a young Xehanort (on the right) talking with a young Eraqus (on the left), but this is just speculation. The conversation goes as follows:

“Have you heard of the ancient
Keyblade War?
Many years ago,
Keyblade wielders
started a war over the ownership of light.”

“Yep, the Master loves telling that story.”

I take it you also know of
the ‘lost masters’?”

Nope, where’d you hear about that?”

“‘On that land
shall darkness prevail
and light expire,’

But you knew that,
didn’t you?”

My theory that this is Xeahnort and Eraqus talking is backed up by the suggestion that they share the same master.

At this point we know all about the Keyblade War. We’ve gotten plenty of lectures from Xehanort about it. What interests me the most is the mention of the “lost masters”. This is definitely a new plot device not yet introduced in the series. I have a pretty crazy theory. What if the lost masters, are actually the seven lights and thirteen darknesses that are set to fight in Kingdom Hearts 3. I’m sure you’re wondering how that could be possible. If these two people talking are indeed a young Xehanort and a young Eraqus, then the conversation they’re having would be taking place many many years before the events of Kingdom Hearts 3. But let’s not forget the time travel that was introduced in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. Since Xehanort’s main goal is to recreate the Keyblade War, what if he literally creates the Keyblade War…the original Keyblade War, and somehow, everyone is sent back to the point in time in which the Keyblade War took place. Let’s not forget, once someone is sent back to their own time, they forget all that they experienced while time traveling, but the path to reach that place once again is forever etched in their heart, even though they don’t know it. Seeing as Young Xehanort will be fighting in the new in Kingdom Hearts 3, this would make a lot of sense. Basically, it’s like a time loop. Young Xehanort hears tales of the Keyblade war, which inspires him to recreate it himself, which in turn causes him to go back in time and create the original Keyblade war in the first place, and the cycle starts all over again with a Young Xehanort hearing tales of the keyblade war.

To put it as simply as possible:

This guy:

young xehanort

Gains interest in this war:


So he sets out to recreate the war:


With these guys (lost masters?):


Which in turn causes him to create the original:


Which peaks the interest of this guy:

young xehanort

Boom…a perfect cycle.

They would be considered “lost masters” because they all returned to their own time, thought to be missing. I’m not sure how all of them would end up in the past like that, since the rules of time travel in Kingdom Hearts are very intricate, but it’s just an idea I came up with. Who knows what twists await Kingdom Hearts 3. You may believe I’m over thinking it, but with this series, there’s no such thing.

For all my Kingdom Hearts fans out there, what do you think of this theory? What part of the teaser intrigued you the most?











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2 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Release Date, Kingdom Hearts 3 Teaser, and E3 Trailer Analysis

  1. It’s a decent theory. My only thought is that it has been said that this game will only be the end of the Xehanort story of Kingdom hearts and if all of these characters are stuck in a time loop it would be nigh impossible to make other storylines for the kingdom hearts world. Now the main characters that just come from kingdom hearts would be one thing they could easily bring more characters, heck I don’t think you saw much of Hayner, Pence, and Olette after kingdom hearts 2 but if you are including the main disney heros in there as well it may pose some problems.

    • Honestly, my thoughts are that the lost masters may be the way for Square to introduce a new story arc to continue making Kingdom hearts games.

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