Leap Motion – A New Era of Interaction

We have all grown accustomed to touch screen devices. With most of our personal lives being controlled by touch screen smart phones, we can safely say touch screen is far from an innovation today. It was a thing of beauty in its hay day but it’s too much of a leg now for us to give two thoughts about it. So what is next? What can we really say will push the boundaries of what our imaginations can conceive as an innovation? The answer is hand gesture controls. Sure it’s been done on the latest Samsung Smart Phone, the Galaxy S4 but it hasn’t been done like this. Ladies and gentlemen on July 28th all of our major retailers will be officially selling The Leap Motion Controller. Leap Motion Inc. has really pushed the envelope here. They are giving us a new way to interact with things we see on screen, the level of creativity and imagination has now been given the opportunity to rise exponentially. The Kinect Motion Sensor you may be thinking? I don’t even know what it is. The level of precision and accuracy they have achieved is purely outstanding on The Leap Motion Controller. When you move, it moves, just like that. Write, draw, play games, design, interact with your world in a profoundly engaging way. This you can do with Leap Motion, and with all its capabilities.


It is only the size of 2 fingers, extremely small, and designed to disappear so your creativity isn’t bolstered by a giant rock, or even a giant robot lens staring at you. You can browse the web, flip through your pictures, flip through the pages of books and articles with Leap Motion. It’s finally time to take a leap forward into the future, it won’t be embraced at first but technology like Leap Motion will be the new way of interacting with everything in your personal life. whether it’s for your social needs or entertainment, this kind of technology is where we are headed. Just like what Samsung did with the S4 and what Microsoft is doing with The Kinect, we will soon see this type of technology integrated into 90% of all devices we use. It is only a matter of time, it isn’t a bad thing either. It is basic math, as human beings we find things and invent things that make everyday life easier for us to live. This is the car of the 21st century, it’s a short cut to everything we interact with on our computers. The mouse that everyone knows and loves was first trashed but it was designed as a short cut. Instead of keying in commands, we are now clicking a GUI to help us navigate our computers. This will help us bring that mentality to light in a whole new way. Leap Motion has just started what everyone can consider, 99% ease of access to everything and for everyone.


Go check out their website and see for yourself https://www.leapmotion.com/

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3 thoughts on “Leap Motion – A New Era of Interaction

  1. Pretty dang neat. Hopefully there will be places where we can actually demo this, it’s pretty interesting.

    • Michael Silvera says:

      Yea it’s pretty neat. Far from perfect, but as we head into these upcoming years it will be perfected step by step.

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