Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

The new features added to Final Fantasy seems to be what the series needed to bring the series back to life. The ticking clock and new combat system  were the key components that change the way we play Final Fantasy.  The clock continually counting down towards doomsday adds intensity and pressure to the game to keep moving through the game. The new combat system changes the elements of fighting in Final Fantasy that works well with the game.

The game sets as the hero, Lightning is on a quest to prevent doomsday from happening, which will occur in 13 days, hence, Final Fantasy 13. A player can increase their time doing various things such as side quests or expertly defeating a boss or foe. The player has full control over Lightnings movements and attacks and there are three attack sequences usable to defeat an enemy. Final Fantasy 13 is a solid game from the looks of it and a must have for die hard Final Fantasy fans, rumors are this may be in fact the last Final Fantasy game…


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