Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection

Tomorrows the big day for Metal Gear and its fans. Since the Essential Collection released in 2008, was the last time fans were able to get a copy of MGS1, the PSX version. Tomorrow, the Legacy Collection will feature MGS1,2,3,4, plus MGS1 VR missions, MGS Peace Walker, and art work, a complete collection for the die-hard MGS fan. Sad that there will be no Phantom Pain material included in the collection, but we can always hope for some extra bonuses that Kojima might have felt generous and decided to include in the bundle. The collection also features the HD versions of MGS2 and 3 from the MGS: HD Collection. All of this goes for $50 dollars, not bad I think, I, mean you could buy each game separately for about $30-$40 dollars, but they would all have to be used games, and Peace Walker you can’t even get your hands on separately unless buying for the PSP version. The Legacy Collection may be out tomorrow, but I’m already excited for an “Ultimate Collection” featuring MGS5: Phantom Pain.

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