Microsoft E3 2013 Conference Highlights

Miss anything from the Microsoft E3 conference? Well we have all the highlights from the conference gathered in one place for ya.

Before today, Microsoft stated on multiple occasions that this year E3 conference for them will be all about the games. I can gladly report to you that they were not kidding. Here is a rundown of everything that took place during the conference:

  • The conference started first out-the-gate with some amazing world-premiere gameplay of Metal Gear Solid 5. The trailer showed off some new mechanics, and also displayed the games new impressive open-world concept. Afterwards Hideo Kojima came out and stage, had a few words to say, and left as quickly as he appeared.
  • Microsoft announced a new Xbox 360 remodel. The new model was made to resemble the Xbox One’s look, except it’s round as opposed to the Xbox One’s box-like appearance.
  • Microsoft announced that they will be starting a new Playstation Plus-like campaign, where they will be offereing new 2 Xbox 360 games every month for Gold subscribers.
  • World of Tanks is coming to the Xbox One and Xbox 360, free-to-play.
  • Max the Brotherhood revealed.
  • Dark Souls II trailer shown.
  • New Ryse footage. No longer a first-person game and no longer Kinect-based. Will launch this year.
  • Killer Instinct trailer for Xbox One shown. Will launch with the system this November.
  • Insomniac games came out on stage and showed of their new game “Sunset Override”.
  • New footage of Forza 5 was shown, features and details discussed.
  • Minecraft announce to come to Xbox One.
  • New Quantum Break trailer was shown, but unfortunately it didn’t contain any gameplay.
  • A new game called D4 was revealed with a trailer, features cell-shaded graphics and seems to be a Kinect-based game.
  • Spark, a new creation game was revealed that utilizes Smart Glass.
  • Twitch integration was announced exclusively for the system. Gamers will be able to use the command “Xbox, live-stream” and their games will instantly start streaming to Twitch TV.
  • Microsoft will no longer be using Microsoft points, they will now use local currency (dollars, euros, etc)
  • New trailer of the “Project Draco” game shown, doesn’t look much different from before. Audio in the trailer was missing.
  • Dead Rising 3 revealed, set to be an Xbox One exclusive.
  • Witcher 3 trailer shown.
  • Battlefield 4 gameplay shown, but only after a long pause where they had trouble getting the gameplay trailer to start. It was funny, but pretty embarrassing for Microsoft and EA.
  • New indie game called Below announced, trailer shown.
  • Black Tusk is working on a “AAA” Xbox One exlclusive.
  • Halo 5 teaser trailer, Master Chief is once again returning.
  • Xbox One will launch this November, for $499 in the U.S.
  • Titan Fall trailer and gameplay demo. Looks pretty darn impressive.

To catch the full conference, you can view it here.

Did we miss anything? Which events were the highlights for you guys? Let us know down below.

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