Microsoft Employees Caught Playing Mario Kart 8

At this year’s Eurogamer Expo, NintendoLife has caught actual Microsoft employees checking out Mario Kart 8. Check out the pic below:

microsoft employees

Now while this may seem ridiculous to most people – and some hardcore Nintendo supporters may laugh at this and make snark comments like “Even Microsoft doesn’t want to play their own games” – let’s all keep a leveled-head and realize that all because somebody works for a company does not automatically mean that they are a fanboy of that company.

Someone could be an avid Nintendo fan but land a job at Microsoft.

Anyways, it’s always cool and intriguing to see employees from rival companies playing eachother games. If they can enjoy the other systems, why can’t we?

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27 thoughts on “Microsoft Employees Caught Playing Mario Kart 8

  1. Nobody can resist the power of Mario Kart!

  2. Don’t see anything wrong with this, Nintendo Devs be playing games from other companies all the time…

  3. why is this big deal ?
    i mean.. like we need justification and approval of other people playing and enjoying nintendo games to know they’re good or something ?… guys at microsoft KNOW nintendo makes awesome games… guys at SONY know nintendo makes awsome games… its JUST nintendo haters on the internet who are full of shit
    but yeah 🙂 still nice seing that they can enjoy the good games… its a shame that microsofts supporters can’t too

  4. Love the vid you made of this. It is so funny to see ppl make vids or comments on something they never read/watch. Unfortunately, they will still read the heading and not the article cause that is how they work.

  5. Satoru Iwata actually owns a PS3, and plays God of War. Similarly, the president of Sony (forgot his name) owns a Wii and plays Zelda.

    • Nintendo and Sony should team up and make the Play Station U and CRUSH Microsoft

  6. nick setzer says:

    Dumbest article ever made. Even worse title…

  7. John Hammer says:

    Really Jahmai? Really?

  8. Even Microsoft doesn’t want to play their own games

  9. nothing wrong with being a gamer even if you work for a diff gaming company

  10. How in the world is this news? I’m sure Microsoft employees are allowed to be gamer’s too. I know quite a few on Twitter congratulated Naughty Dog on The Last Of Us and were playing it.

    These people are gamer’s, which is why they’re in the business of games. The headline is trying to make it seem like they shouldn’t be gaming on anything else but Xbox. I’m sure most people who work for Sony have Xbox’s and Wii U’s and vice versa.

  11. I don’t blame them, Mario Kart 8 is looking fantastic!

  12. RandomRandy says:

    Yes… because they work at Microsoft they can’t enjoy all forms of video games. Anybody who actually says “Even Microsoft doesn’t want to play their own games” is an idiot. Just like I’m an avid Xbox fan, but get bored of Halo and love to pick up and play Pokémon on my DS from time to time. This article is a waste of time, congrats.

  13. I hear that Masahiro Sakurai (Smash Bros.) has a PS3 and Shuhei Yoshida (Playstation president) owns a Wii U and Reggie (Nintendo U.S.A. president) plays on everything.

  14. Shigeru Miyamoto played NiGHTS for the Sega Saturn and liked it. He wished he could have made a game of his own like that.
    Then we got a NiGHTS game on the Wii.

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