My First Playable Card Game Creation Was An Adventure

This is a representation of various card games

As a Full Sail game design student, I’ve already taken three classes towards my bachelor degree. Since the start of my journey of becoming a game designer, I’ve had the pleasure of creating and designing my very own analog card game, like Uno, from scratch. The parameters of what the game needed to be was in depth as it could be, yet simple to understand for me. The card game rules and mechanics could not completely resemble another game front to back. If I took inspiration from games I liked, that was perfectly fine, I just needed to make it my own. Most importantly though, the game mechanics had to be clear and concise to the players without my input of how a turn should play out. A group of people should be able to look at a rule book and a flowchart that I created and fully understand my intent without me being there.

The card game I created can be picked up and played at any time and should only take about seven minutes to complete, depending on if there’s two players or four at max. I had no idea how difficult the Game Design Document (GDD) was to make however. The GDD, involves all working elements that your game consists of, boiling down to the name and goal of your game. Your GRATIS is a core element in testing will your design and idea actually work in all mechanics, if something does not work, ways to change and fix the issue needs to be documented. The GRATIS stands for Goals, Rules, Actions, Transitions, Items, and Setup. Using your GRATIS along with your flowchart of your game’s turn rotation, a new player should easily play your game with little effort or input from you. I plan on one day being able to design an idea I have from software I’m comfortable with and present the prototype to someone to play test and see if it can be built upon.

The road will expand as I continue my journey at Full Sail and I can’t wait to update all future game designers and aspiring artists and industry professionals on my growth.

Did the idea of making a Card game interest you? Let us know your thoughts below.

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