Five New Characters Coming to Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

Capcom has announced at EVO 2013 that a new update will be coming for Super Street Fighter IV. This update will include a total of 5 new characters and six stages.

super street fighter ivFour of the five characters have been confirmed: , Elena, Rolento, Hugo and Poison, with the 5th character supposedly being an all-new character we have never seen before, which could very possibly come from another Capcom franchise. The DLC will also be coming with 6 new stages though no details were given regarding them.

This DLC for Super Street Fighter IV will cost owners of Super Street Fighter IV and Arcade Edition $15, and will be $40 for those who haven’t purchased either versions of the games yet as a full download.

Along with this added content, quite a lot of balacnes and fixes are headed our way as well (list courtesy of EventHubs):

– Capcom is aware of unblockables and attempting to fix them, no details on how yet.
– Goals were to decrease the gap between high and low tier characters in SF4 with balance changes.

– Faster walk speed.
– Crouching Hard Kick has a shorter start up.
– Standing Light Punch combos into Crouching Hard Kick now.
– Ultra 1 does more damage when it connections without the full animation playing.

– Short Swing Blow has throw invincibility.
– He’s been given better hit boxes on some of his attacks.
– Target combo does more damage.

– Health increased to 950.
– EX Fireball knocks down on hit.
– EX Flip Kick breaks armor.
– Increased her damage.

T. Hawk
– Faster walk speed.
– Crouching Medium Kick is special cancelable.
– Ultra 2 has been improved.

– Cannon Stride can be done LOWER to the ground now.
– Damage reduced on Hard attacks.
– Stun reduced on Hard attacks.
– They tried to reduce the “2 combos and you’re dead” effect.

Balrog (Boxer)
– Faster charging of his Turn Punch.
– Less Headbutt recovery.
– Farther range on his Ultra 2.

E. Honda
Ultra 2 has more range.
Ultra 1 has a faster start up.
Jump Toward MP has a smaller hurt box.

– Less vortex for her.
– More defense options.
– Soft knockdown now on Neckbreakers, but EX version is still a hard knockdown.
– EX DP will have more invincibility.
– Spin Kicks have a larger and lowered hit box.

Fei Long
Rekka Ken range nerfed.

– Faster walk speed.
– Shorter start up on Standing Light Kick.
– Increase in jumping middle throw?

Vega (Claw)
– Hit stun increased on Crouching Light Punch.
– Faster start up on Ultra 1.
– Faster start up on Ultra 2.

This update will be hitting in early 2014. Stay tuned for more details.


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