Next Gen Console Pre-Orders Double Last Gen and What that Means for Gamers

Ubisoft CEO, Yves Guillemo said during an earnings call brings great excitement to the gaming industry. Guillemo said that next-gen console pre-orders, according to some retailers, “two times what they saw at the last generation launch. At the moment they are really getting more pre-orders than what they saw before.” With retailers like Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy, and Walmart leading in pre-order sales, and constantly notifying the public that their stores are sold out of pre-order copies for the next gen consoles and will be getting more, just to say later the same message, that they are sold out. This is really exciting for the gaming industry, it just goes to show how important video games are to the world, and that they need to be treated with respect, because the gaming industry, is for sure a booming one! Gamers range from all ages and more and more girls are seen playing online beating out even the most competitive “try hard” guys in death match multiplayer. With so many genres, there is always a game perfect for someone and with the ability to play along side your friends in co-op or multiplayer or just being able to connect with people around the world, is just such a unique and fun experience that really makes what gaming is all about today. Gaming is getting so popular that there are movies being made about a “gaming life,” such as Video Games High School, VGHS, where gaming is the football of todays society, and the best gamers go to a school to learn all about video games and how to be better gamers, because “its all about the game” and have a life around gaming. I think there are so many different reasons why the gaming industry is what it is today, but one of the main aspects I think is, because people are able to experience a life as someone else, someone they dream to be or become, just like the famous gamer saying, “I don’t play video games, because I don’t have a life, but because I have many.” It allows a person to virtually pretend they are someone else for as long as they play the game, from a pro athlete, an assassin, a magical being with god-like powers and abilities, and so on, in the world of gaming, possibilities are endless, and mans true imaginations come into a more physical, tangible dimension!

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4 thoughts on “Next Gen Console Pre-Orders Double Last Gen and What that Means for Gamers

  1. Where did that silver PS4 come from? is that real? or did someone photoshop it to be silver?

    • I hope its real! Id love to buy that over the black one! 🙂

  2. Yo that PS4 looks SEXYYYY! Oh man I hope they release that one as well, I agree with the comments. I will definitely choose that over the black console!

  3. ps4 looks good butt im not geting ps+ fuck that shit im not a fan of xbox live so y wood i get ps+ i dont us it on my ps3

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