Nintendo Q&A On The Switch Lite

With Nintendo announcing the Nintendo Switch Lite earlier this week, a Q&A was released via IGN. During this Q&A Nintendo took the time to provide consumers and fans with more details about the upcoming handheld device. We have provided the exchange below:

Q: With the Switch Lite announcement, are there any changes being made to the Nintendo Switch Online account system to consider current Switch owners who will either make the jump to the Switch Lite, or want to use two systems concurrently? Or will the system continue to work as it does at this time?

A: “Purchases can be downloaded and played on multiple Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite systems by linking your Nintendo Account. Please note there are some exceptions when playing and starting games based on your Nintendo Account’s designated primary and non-primary systems. More information can be found at [official Nintendo page].

“You can send your game save data from one system to another using the Transfer Your Save Data feature (please see the following link for steps [link here], or you can download your game save data cloud backups (please see this link) for supported games if you have a Nintendo Switch Online membership.”

Q: Switch Lite will not work in docked mode, but will it still support charging through the official Nintendo Switch dock accessory, or other licensed third-party accessories?

A: “Users will need a USB Type A – Type C adaptor to use USB accessories. Nintendo recommends using officially licensed accessories.”

Q: Is battery life on the Switch Lite improved due to a change in the battery (does it have a larger mAh), or simply due to the energy demands of the Switch Lite?

A: “The Nintendo Switch Lite battery life has been slightly improved from Nintendo Switch, although battery life will continue to vary depending on how the system is used.”

As of now, it remains unclear whether the Switch Lite is using a different or improved battery, or simply the same battery as the original Switch. But players can seemingly expect better battery life, as Nintendo has previously said, with an expected 3 – 7 hour battery life depending on the game.

Q: Are multiple SKUs for built-in storage size planned, or will there just be a 32GB model?

A: “Nintendo Switch Lite has 32GB of internal storage.”

Q: Will the Switch Lite support the same MicroSD, MicroSDHC, and MicroSDXC capabilities as the Switch, or are there any limitations?

A: “Nintendo Switch Lite has the same SD card storage as Nintendo Switch.”

While it seems Nintendo is only intending to launch one version of the Nintendo Switch when it comes to internal storage, you will be able to upgrade your storage capacity as you can with the Nintendo Switch.

Q: Does Switch Lite support Nintendo Labo in any way?

A: “By wirelessly connecting Joy-Con controllers (not included), you can play Variety, Robot, and Vehicle Kits although it may differ from the intended play experience and some Toy-Cons are not fully compatible. The compatibility with Nintendo Labo differs by product:

  • For Nintendo Labo: Robot Kit and Nintendo Labo: Vehicle Kit, consumers can play them by separately pairing Joy-Con controllers.
  • For Nintendo Labo: Variety Kit, the situation differs by Toy-Con.
  • For Nintendo Labo: VR Kit, Nintendo Switch Lite is not compatible with the VR Goggles, so it cannot be played.

“The flagship Nintendo Switch system is recommended to play Nintendo Labo.”

Nintendo Labo will still be supported by the Switch Lite, but it’s clear not all functionality will be available depending on each specific kit (and the availability of Joy-Cons in your setup). This follows suit with the fact that some Nintendo Switch games may have issues when played on Switch Lite.

Q: Will the OS/home screen be any different?

A: “No.”

Q: Will entertainment apps like Hulu still work on it?

A: “Yes.”

Q: The official Nintendo site says “For games that do not support handheld mode, players can wirelessly connect compatible controllers (sold separately) to Nintendo Switch Lite.” Are you able to connect controllers for games that do support handheld mode as well, and does any of that support include Nintendo Switch Pro controllers?

A: “Yes, Joy-Con and Pro controllers can be paired with the system.”

It’s good to see that the current suite of Nintendo Switch controllers will still work with the Switch Lite, even though the new system may not allow for Joy-Cons to be connected physically to the system. This should allow local multiplayer in Tabletop mode to run smoothly for most players who may already own Switch controllers. You just then won’t be able to bring those experiences to a larger screen.

Nintendo Switch Lite Images

Does this help answer any looming questions or concerns you may have had about the new handheld? Will you be picking one up when they release? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and keep it locked to GaminRealm for all your gaming news. 

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