Nintendo has Started a New “Business Development Department”

Not many people know this, but Nintendo has recently integrated its videogame console and portable divisions into a single group, called the “Integrated Research & Development Division”. As well as the opening of their recently finished R&D department which will be full after E3, says Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. The “Business Development Department” is another thing Nintendo has put into action lately as this group will be involved in decisions regarding things like character licensing, new markets and so on, and will report directly to Iwata himself.

“We have gathered experts from a variety of different fields for this department,” Iwata shared with analysts and investors. “By working with others in the R&D divisions, these members have already been acting as contacts for a variety of different business partners, and have been making proposals and planting the seeds for discussion.”

“The Business Development Department will play an important role in our company producing tangible outcomes for the topics we have been discussing recently: the active use of our character IP, future approach for the new markets, future of the new business fields, how we are going to change the definition of our future platforms and how we will take advantage of smart devices.”

This new measurements are being implemented for the sake of maybe restructuring the identity and management of Nintendo in layman’s terms, it’s identical to what Capcom is doing.



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One thought on “Nintendo has Started a New “Business Development Department”

  1. Nintendo should make a team where one team entirely focus’s on the Wii U. That way, Nintendo won’t have to worry about what platform to put a game on. because we’ll know it’ll be on the 3DS.

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