Nintendo’s New 3DS Might Have the Ability to Stream Wii U Games

There is some potentially exciting news about Nintendo’s newest handheld. Apparently, hackers have discovered that the New 3DS has something in common with the Wii U GamePad, a video decoder that supports H264, the video format used by the Wii U to stream content. While all of this is up in the air at this point, the inclusion of this feature seems to make sense.

The New 3DS, while it is an overall improvement of the original line of 3DS models, you have to wonder if there is a feature that Nintendo has remained tight-lipped on. The New 3DS has a more powerful cpu and I honestly cannot imagine that they included that exclusively for games, especially since the 3DS is most likely on the back end of it’s life cycle. All that new power, new c-Stick and shoulder buttons are going to mostly go unutilized. Unless, of course, if Nintendo is planning to allow gamers to stream their Wii U games to it. It seems like it just makes sense to do.

We will have to wait and see if this will happen but if it does, the New 3DS is going to become very appealing.

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