No Man’s Sky First Impression

Well the long, long awaited title is here and as suspected, the praise and pity are making its way center stage of the gaming community. HELLO GAMES has quite simply created a master piece, in its own right and rightfully so. My first impression of the game immediately had me thinking about Star Citizen and The Solus Project; two games that adore. Quite frankly, No Man’s Sky has some big shoes to fill after making its debut alongside those fore-mentioned titles.


It has been a great experience even though I have only put in a couple hours into the game, but those hours have captured me in the same way Star Citizen and The Solus Project had. Its beautiful, distinct and huge. There really seems to be no limit to where you can explore and what you can forage for resources. Keeping yourself alive is of utmost importance and you will find that out almost immediately upon starting your journey on the poisonous planet you have been placed in.


Gaming mechanics and movements seem to mimic that of an astronaut and your tools, weapons and resources are very important. You must not only figure out how to stay alive but complete missions which will allow you to decide your next step in your own journey of exploration. No one is really present to guide you and tell you what to do next, so if your a gamer who has to have set guidance and arrows to point you to your next destination, then No Man’s Sky may not be for you.


All in all, if you want a great game, that will allow you to create your own path, then No Man’s Sky is a great choice, but remember that it will be no one else’s fault if you become addicted and can’t leave it alone. Please enjoy the full fist impressions video below.

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