No Man’s Sky Review

If you were to ask me to buy this title for a price, I probably would have told you no especially after buying it for the first time a few years ago. While the atmosphere is extensive and the canvas of this game is the largest I’ve ever seen, the core mechanics and goal of the game were highly disappointing. The game starts you off in a barren environment and your ship has been critically damaged. It’s your job to gather minerals and craft them into supplies needed to repair your ship to fully operational to navigate back into space. During my time playing the game, there was an update made for the mode of Survival and traditional story mode. I could definitely notice the vague directions intensified in Survival mode, for example when searching for what you needed for your ship, nothing was indicated what else you needed until you completed the first task. After dying six times only trying to reach the material I needed a mile across the nap, did I give up. The task seemed impossible in comparison to the resiliency and strength of your life support and scouting equipment. Once I thought I was going to wrap up the review, I noticed I had another save file done for the normal story mode.

Here lies a bit of the same, during the tutorial of any game, the main features you will be using and items you’re used to should be identified prior to taking off dying multiple times. I didn’t confirm if the level that I landed on was randomized or did everyone land on the exact same level. My point of either option was that if it was the latter, then this issue I had was more so self-induced and possibly utilize a better method of planning out my adventure. Judging as though during my two different files, I found a more randomized and blind-luck approach to where I landed. I did manage to find all of the required pieces and craft materials to get my ship together to leave the planet. After that however, it was a dull experience for me. I expect that No Man’s Sky Beyond is more refined and the objectives and goals are easier to identify.


Game Score: 6 out of 10

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