PlayStation 4 Details

Lets make this quick and simple, because you know we have all been waiting for this information!

  • PlayStation 4 Supports Used Games: Sell, Trade, Lend, Borrow, or Keep it Forever. You buy your copy of a PlayStation 4 game, you therefore own the rights for it.
  • PlayStation 4 Disc games DO NOT need to be connected online to play, PS4 will not require you to check up online.
  • PlayStation 4 allows you to play games while other games are downloading in the background.
  • PlayStation 4 allows cross-game voice chat.
  • PlayStation 4 Share function enabling you to upload video game content to social media sites.
  • PlayStation Plus will be continued and expanded, and Plus accounts will carry over to PS4. $5 per month for the Plus feature will feature discounted prices, cloud saves, automatic updates, early access to beta programs, instant game collection, and immersive multiplayer online on PS4 Plus members will also have instant access to DriveClub and will continue to have all the features it currently has. Will also get new titles every month to kick off the PlayStation 4.
  • PlayStation 4 will have the Cloud feature.
  • PlayStation 4 will be available at $349 pounds sterling, $399 Euros, $399 Dollars.
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One thought on “PlayStation 4 Details

  1. yup. The non DRM and price are really going to hurt the XboxOne. XboxOne’s game showing was a lot better (not amazing), but these two elements basically make the those exclusives the XboxOne have near irrelevant.

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