PlayStation 5 Dev Kit Has Been Leaked

According to the writers over at Comicbook, Sony has had designs for hardware that possibly is connected to PlayStation 5. We’ve got Twitter posts showing several images depicting what the build and the kit looks like. This design could ultimately be and resemble what the PlayStation 5 could look like and all that is confirmed is that a patent by Sony was made for this piece of equipment and developers are using it. I’m thoroughly excited about what we’re seeing and I truly believe that if this is true, that the PlayStation 5 early design looks amazing.

We still don’t have a definite release date for the PlayStation 5 but we expect to release around the same time frame as the Xbox Scarlett. Expectations of Microsoft getting the leg up on Sony in console release is unlikely to say the least. Yusuhiro Ootori created this design for the hardware and if this is the hardware that Sony decides to expand on for the PlayStation 5, Sony may give a model to Ootori, like a model of the PlayStation 4 was given to the designer of that console.

What do you think about PlayStation 5 potentially being identified in this build? Let us know your thoughts.

Stay Tuned to for more coverage about PlayStation 5.

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