Poland: Wii U Sales Are 350 Units In 9 Months

According to Polygamia,  a total of 350 Wii U units have been sold in the last 9 months in Poland.

Now, it’s important to note that Poland is of course a much smaller gaming market that North America, Japan, UK, etc, so total sales numbers are expected to be dramatically smaller for the country, but even then, 350 units is a depressingly minuscule number. Wii U sales totally 350 units in 9 months equals roughly 40 sales per month. Yikes.

Polygamia also notes that twice as many people purchase a PS3 or 360………in just 3 days, as opposed to nine months. In 12 months, the PS3 and 360 will sale around 100k units. These are very drastic figures when you put it into perspective.

Hopefully news like this regarding the Wii U sales will only further encourage Nintendo to make sure they have a top-notch opening year with their next home console. But for now, at least the big, heavy-hitters are starting to roll out with Windwaker HD, Donkey Kong, Sonic Lost World, and Mario 3D World, followed by Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros. 4, Bayonetta, and ‘X’ next year.

UPDATE: Some readers have stated that Nintendo actually doesn’t even have an official retailer partner in Poland. Finding Nintendo products on store shelves is a rarity there. Essentially, Nintendo doesn’t have a very strong presence in the country at all. Most people have to prowl online in order to purchase a Nintendo product or order it from a different country (like Amazon UK). All of this definitely makes this whole situation make a lot more sense.

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35 thoughts on “Poland: Wii U Sales Are 350 Units In 9 Months

  1. wow… this is pretty low… i mean.. REALLY LOW… whats with poland x)

  2. Nintendo Wii U has no market – adult casuals and infant gamers who bought the original Wii have moved to casual mobile and tablet gaming.

    The PS3 and X360 core gamer market, who are the most lucrative gamers, will move onto next gen PS4 and Xbox1.

    The PS4 and Xbox1 have more than 10 times the power of a Nintendo WiiU, there is no reason for WiiU, unless you want Nintendo exclusives.

  3. There is nothing strange about low sales in Poland. Nintendo never was really present on polish market, and now it even doesn’t have official dealer in this country. I live in Poland and it was more cost effective to buy Nintendo 3DS on Amazon in UK, than in any polish shop. Another problem is finding a console, becouse its very rare to find it in just any supermarket or electronic store. Wii U is even more uncommon, I haven’t seen even a one on store shelve.

    • You can buy any console, maybe except for Vita, in most large chain supermarkets here, even WiiU. If we talk about dedicated electronic shops like MediaMarkt or Saturn, there is no shortage of any hardware. Still, most people buys their stuff online, as prices in retail are usually inflated by 20-30%.

  4. MohammadBadir says:

    Nintendo doesn’t have any retailers in poland 😛

  5. I am just an ordinary man but I believe Nintendo has no idea how to do marketing and advertising. In most east-european countries situation is the same as in Poland, there are no Wii-s in shops, or there is just one piece, somewhere in the corner and shops have NO GAMES for it… and even in western-european countries the situation is strange, e.g. Carrefour in Wezembeek Oppem (Belgium) offers old Wii for 143 euro and right next to it new Wii U for 149 euro, and again it’s not easy to find games for Wii U there, I didn’t find Pikmin 3 so far in any shop… There are supposedly 51 games out on the market somewhere according to nintendolife.com, but you just don’t see them in shops. So I have Wii U for children but I can’t buy games for them. Catch 22…

  6. The Wii U sales in Poland are low, that is due to many factors…
    1 of them is low wages that average around £250-300 for most people and I mean MOST(we’re talking 80% of work force).
    The other one is the games prices, they are staggeringly high! around 1/4 of a average Polish worker…

    let’s not beat around the bush here folks, Poland is also still dominated by PC gamers, as the games are cheap!

    It’s been going on forever that people in Poland can’t afford games for console systems… if they would listen the sales would sky-rocket!

  7. I am Polish and I can tell you it is because the Wii U hasn’t been hacked yet.

    People in Poland don’t buy games. We pirate everything.

  8. Wait, what 350 units that’s like my whole village.

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    • Thank you so much for visiting our site glad you liked it.

  10. There is nothing abnormal about low deals in Poland. Nintendo never was truly present on clean market, and now it even doesn’t have official merchant in this nation. I live in Poland and it was more savvy to purchase Nintendo 3DS on Amazon in UK, than in any clean shop.

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    • Polygamia additionally takes note of that twice the same number of individuals buy a PS3 or 360in only 3 days, rather than nine months. In a year, the PS3 and 360 will deal around 100k units. These are extremely radical figures when you place it into point of view.

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