PS4 Games Playable on Multiple Consoles

Remember….back in the old days when DRM was looking to be the future for the Xbox One? Remember the difficulty the gaming community would have with playing their digital copy games on their friends Xbox One, something like you would only be allowed for exactly 1hour? Well now with DRM gone, it seems as punishment to the community, gamers on the Xbox One will no longer be able to play digital copy games without a disc base version inside running. With PS4, you will be able to play digital games on multiple different consoles, when signed into your PS account as well as the ability to play a portion of the game while its still downloading. So say, the campaign of a game you’re downloading on your PS4 is completed and now its downloading the multiplier portion, you will be able to play the campaign as that part is downloading, and it wont take as long as it does now on the PS3. Those are pretty awesome features to have, and are all the more reason why to purchase a PS4.

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One thought on “PS4 Games Playable on Multiple Consoles

  1. jmpittman0220 says:

    This was do-able on the PS3 as well, except for playing while downloading. If you had a friend’s account on your PS3 you could play his games.

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