Report: PS4 Outsells the Wii U Worldwide

ps4 outsellsThe time has come, and pretty quickly too – the Playstation 4 has already surpassed the Wii U in total lifetime sells, according to VGChartz. This is of course due to the largely successful PS4 launch in Japan last week where the system managed to sell well over 300k units within only the first 2 days of it’s launch. The Wii U was ahead of the system by .3 million, and the Japanese launch was just what the PS4 needed to overcome that gap.

The Wii U, which launched on November 18th, 2012, had it’s 1-year head-start  essentially squandered by critical game delays and lack of advertising for the system. Since January 2013 till September 2013, the system only managed to move about 900k units, with the bulk of it’s 2013 sales coming from late-October through Christmas, with Super Mario 3D World leading the charge that holiday season.

It’s all pretty crazy if you think about it; both of just how bad Nintendo handled their first year and just how well Sony is currently handling theirs.

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7 thoughts on “Report: PS4 Outsells the Wii U Worldwide

  1. Citizen Kane says:

    VGchartz undertracks the WiiU alot and Nintendo shipped 5.86million as of last December. So I wouldnt count on them just yet.
    But yeah you make a very good point about Nintendo’s first year with WiiU

    • nobody is counting wii u out. Its just factual, that sony had a VERY good launch with their ps4, and Nintendo is kinda struggling with a wii u (alittle less now, but still).
      In the end, im sure wii u will do just fine, when the games come out that people want, but FIRST nintendo has to change stuff. alot of stuff.

  2. Sony will outsell the other 2, but bleed money over time. Sony’s main kicker is 3rd party, hardware and Brand Loyality. Believe me, theres plenty of dummies that will eat whatever Sony throws out them, without question. You see it everywhere on the Net. Its a shame, because there consoles are generally good, but the overhype kind of ruins it sometimes, especially when you have fans acting like this really matters at the end of the day. There just gaming machines, Nintendo sells moderate, Xbox has money to buy third party, etc.

  3. I’m sorry, PS4 is dominating is sales, but It’s absolutely sucks when it comes to games. That’s coming from a PS4 owner. It’s no.1 seller, a remake of a last gen multiplat Tomb Raider:DE. And the shortages, are ALL a part of Sony’s marketing plan they are doing the same shit Nintendo did with the Wii.Neither Sony or Microsoft DELIVERED on their promises of a DAY 1 next gen experience.

    “You can’t say that, they need time to learn the hardware.”

    Fuck that! both of them and PARTICULAR HALF-ASSED 3rd party developers were stated saying,

    “By the time the hardware hits the market our 1st gen titles will actually be 3rd gen graphics of the system(s).”

    I called BS on that shit after seeing both of their conferences and bought a Revolt. I won the PS4,autographed by Jack Tretton, buying my best friend one for his birthday/Christmas present.

    …GUYS being real, this generation isn’t very appealing at all. This is coming from a guy who’s been console gaming since Atari 2600. The Revolt is my first gaming rig, I’m enjoying it more. My PS4, I haven’t touched my PS4 since 2 days after launch. The rest of you multiplatform owners KNOW what I’m talking about to!

    I know the, “You don’t own a PS4! Your just a fanboy talkin shit!”
    For my naysayers…

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