PS5 Coming November 2020 According to Analyst

With initial information pertaining to the successor of the PS4 releasing to the masses, analysts are beginning to make their predictions public.

Notably Ace Research Institute Analyst Hideki Yasuda whom is well respected in Japan due to his predictions in the gaming market, has released his forecast for the next gen console.

 Yasuda-san expects a launch in November 2020. Assuming a price point of 40,980 yen and $499 in the west, he thinks that it’ll sell 6 million units in its first fiscal year (by March 31, 2021), followed by 15 million units in the year after (by March 31, 2022).

Of course this is based on the limited information we have at the moment and should be treated as such, it will indeed be interesting to see if these figures come into fruition.

Stay tuned for more updates from GaminRealm as we keep tabs on all things Playstation.

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