“R.I.P” PSN, Thanks Destiny

Even though the title seems as a bit of “click-bait”, I honestly believe there might be some serious issues for PSN to deal with the launch of “Destiny”.
As most of you know the PlayStation 4 version of Minecraft was released recently on the PlayStation Store. After the game went live, PSN began experiencing a variety of issues. Users on Twitter and NeoGAF were reporting they were having issues when attempting to connect to PSN; this includes receiving the error code NP-36147-1. I, for one, can’t do anything involving PSN, such as viewing my friends list or accessing the PlayStation Store.
Now that doesn’t sound like doom and gloom, but with the highly anticipated launch of Destiny the PlayStation Network might not stand a chance if Minecraft’s launch caused a number of issues. Lets also not forget what happened to PSN during Destiny’s Beta. Let me say that again Destiny’s Beta. Only time will tell if PSN will hold up. Hopefully the launch goes well and gamers can hopefully enjoy a fresh and fun experience with Bungie’s new ip Destiny.

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