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Marlon Reid is the Founder & Editor in Chief of He started out playing video games at the age of five; his passion for video games led him to create Though he started out making informative videos for gamers on YouTube, my channel is called GamesandWario. His vision for creating the  site is to give gamers  a chance  to be apart of  the gaming  industry.



My name is Kalman and I am 20 years old. I have been playing video games for around 16 years, with my first console being a Sega Genesis. Games have always been a part of my life. Video games were a very big part of my childhood and I am hoping they will continue to be present as I begin my life as an adult. Over the past few years, I have found that I have played games less than I did before, which really isn’t uncommon as I am getting older and have more responsibilities. Despite that fact, I have talked about games more now than I ever have; this has led me to discover that when it comes to gaming, I love sharing my previous experiences as well as hearing about the experiences of others. The gaming community is an awesome thing; I love how many friendships are born by simply picking up a controller. Along with games, I am a huge fan of anime. I also love gear, especially audio equipment. I truly believe that I have something to offer to the gaming industry and I look forward to contributing in anyway I can. Thank you again for the opportunity. I can’t wait to get started


I’m a 20 year-old gamer aspiring to get into the gaming industry. I’m coming from my YouTube channel that I’ve been on for 5 years now, where I’ve been fairly successful with establishing a good viewer-base. Nintendo tends to create my favorite games, but at the end of the day I am an overall gamer and enjoy every system and just about every genre. Gaming is my passion and always has been, and I’m honored to be able to share my passion with you guys!



Mykal Williams is 19 years old, and has been gaming all his life. He is a writer and reviewer at  Mykal  produces various kinds of content on Youtube, and is currently pursuing a career in sound design and music composing for video games. He is an all around gamer and has a strong passion for the industry. He strives to bring out the best quality in all that he does.



Marquise Kelly, a.k.a MGT, is just a regular guy who likes playing videos games. I’m 19 years old looking bring you guys a different outlook on video games and the industry. Ever since I was 4 I have been dreaming up new ideas to revolutionize gaming as we know it. I hope you are willing to take that journey with me and Gaminrealm as we look to improve ourselves and the industry as a whole.



Greetings, gamers and otakus alike! My name is Darian and I’m 20 years old. As you can see, I take selfies for my bio very seriously. It has always been a dream of mine to write, if it be for a novel, magazine, or for a website, such as this one. So doing this is literally a dream come true. I’ve been an avid gamer and anime-watcher for years. I hope to bring a new audience to this website, and build this industry and grow from my experiences here. I genuinely hope and pray you guys all enjoy the content I, and everyone else brings to this website, and that you’ll all can take this journey with us as we strive for excellence! Wow! Such motivation! Much inspiration! Follow me on Twitter: @darian_GR



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My name is Blake Flora (aka. Ultra Fox). Iʼm 20 years old and have been gaming since the mid-90ʼs. I love video games from all eras old and new, and I have a huge passion for them. Iʼm also a big fan of animation and movies. Iʼve always enjoyed writing about the facts and my opinions, so being able to write about games is truly awesome. I want to bring fresh and interesting content to GaminRealm, and I hope that youʼll all join me in our quest to change the video game industry for the better. You can follow me on Twitter: @UltraFox94 and Youtube:

Favorite Game: Panzer Dragoon Saga
Favorite Movie: The Lion King
Favorite TV Show(s): Invader Zim & Animaniacs
Favorite Musician (s): Renard Queenston & Wolfgun






Greetings gamers and fellow geeks!  My name is Anthony Reese and I have been gaming for over 18 years.  Ever since I started playing video games I always wanted to get involved in the industry because of the memorable characters, unique storylines, and fun it brought to me and my siblings when we played games together as kids.  Currently my favorite game is Metroid Prime on the GameCube.  I am also a huge manga and anime fan as well with some of my favorite series being Code Geass, Death Note, and Steins Gate.  At GameinRealm I hope to give everyone fun and engaging content that is informative to fans of gaming, anime, comics, and more.  With that said lets rock!






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