Resogun in Development for PlayStation Vita

One of the best PlayStation 4 launch games, Resogun, is on its way to PlayStation Vita. For those of you that may not know or need to be refreshed, Resogun is a critically-acclaimed arena shooter, developed by Housemarque. While it’s release date for Vita is unclear, a representative from PlayStation Europe, James Hawkins had this to say on PS Blog regarding the Vita version:

is looking, sounding and most importantly, playing great.”

It is important to note that Housemarque will not be directly involved in porting Resogun over to the Vita. Instead, Climax Studios, who developed Dead Nation on Vita and Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition on PS4, will be responsible. It will definitely be a great addition to Vita’s library.  Right now seems like a great time to be a Vita owner, with Freedom Wars out and now Resogun on the way, the Vita is looking more appealing than ever.

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