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Resident Evil: Revelations

Resident Evil: Revelations has been praised as not only the best Resident Evil game in years since the first one, but also as the best looking game on the 3DS, and even after its recent release on the HD consoles, that still remains a fact. Since I started reviewing 3DS games on GaminRealm, this is the First time that the handheld reins superior to the Consoles. And that makes me very happy to be a Nintendo 3DS fan. The HD counterparts have been criticized by game critics as inferior to the handheld version, and that comes as No surprise. The character graphics look superb and HD as it should be, but the environments and level graphics look outdated for the console compared to Resident Evil, and it just doesn’t fit the geometry.  Of course, I will be talking about the 3ds version and why it still is the best experience for this game and a must-buy.


As all games that are ported to the 3DS, the sounds are always going to be affected, compressed and have low quality. It’s a different story with ‘Revelations’. Since this was originally intended for the 3DS, the sound is perfect and even better when your headphones are on. But since this is a horror-based game, the music isn’t that prominent, and the game mostly relies on subtle ambience and silence throughout the levels. So the music really isn’t memorable whatsoever, but I doubt anyone cares when they’re playing this game. I did notice some extra sound bites in the HD counterparts, like when Jill Valentine is walking on a puddle of water or pool of blood from an Ooze monster; you can hear the sounds of it. I thought that was pretty cool, and I didn’t really notice that when playing the handheld version. These are all very minor nitpicks though, but for the 3ds the sound effects are very impressive. From the gunshots, to the sounds of the characters reloading their ammunition, everything is spot on and for a small double screen; it really engages you in the action. The voice acting is also not bad too, although it can sound a little forced and sometimes fake. Jill Valentine’s voice just didn’t fit her body and facial expressions for me. But her main partner in this game called Parker, his voice fit perfectly with his appearance.


Now this is one of the high points of the game, the awesome graphics. This game really pushes the boundaries of the handheld experience and really proves what the Nintendo 3DS is capable of. Usually 3ds games have some notable jagged edges and sometimes the environments and characters can look a bit polygonal, but that’s not the case with this game. Revelations graphics of the humans are sleek, smooth, and even a little glossy looking like you’re playing it on the console. From Chris Redfield’s bulky and muscular look, to Jill Valentine’s slender and popularly curvy body, the game looks very amazing. And I also have to add, Jill has never looked better in a Resident Evil game until now. I think that’s why the creators of this game made the setting take place on a ship, just to have an excuse for Jill to be in a skin tight wetsuit, haha. The environments also look extraordinary, and it’s just unbelievable how much they can put inside a small cartridge. The CGI cutscenes look splendid as well, although depending which angle you’re looking at, the graphics can look a bit shadowy and grainy. The 3D effect is also used extremely well here and really enhances the depth of the game. You’ll find yourself leaving the 3d on the entire time. There’s even an option to increase the depth of the 3d and make it stronger. I don’t really advise making it the highest, as it might make some people like me very dizzy and see 2 duplicate images rather than one. So I just stick with the normal 3d. This game came out around February of 2012, and up to this day, I haven’t seen another 3DS game with graphics better looking than Resident Evil: Revelations.


The gameplay here is also very easy to learn and pickup. I remember when I first played this game, it was the demo from the Nintendo eShop, and I played the hell out of it. The best part of the demo is that it’s nothing like the main game, and takes place in a different way, with a different level design. This was very refreshing to me, since I didn’t want to play the same thing I’ve done about 30 times before. I’m not a huge Resident Evil fan, and haven’t really played much of the games until now, but I kept hearing people saying that this game really brought them back to the old days where horror played a key role, rather than non-stop action. That’s why many fans disliked the later installments, because it started feeling more like a Call of Duty game, and less like a horror-action game. This really rejuvenates the series. There are times when you have to get through an entire level with little to no weapons, and just dodge the zombies and B.O.W’s that come after you, which is very chilling. And you must use your weapons wisely, because once you run out you’re screwed! If you look carefully, there are different weapon parts lying around the abandoned ship for you to pick up and stock on, and also some green herbs which restore health. Take advantage of these, as there are not that many in the game. And speaking of abandoned ship, most of the game takes place on the ship, which is amazing and the games’ high point. Because of the tight corners and narrow passage ways of the levels, that’s why everything’s so picture perfect both graphically and gameplay-wise for the 3ds. There are times in the game where you play in other areas, like in an artic land, Terragrigia, or the beach. Some people may be annoyed of that and think it disrupts the flow of the game, but I personally like it. It prevents the game from feeling repetitive and monotonous, and also gives the player some relief from all the horror, by giving you these other levels that are more action-packed and load you up with ammo and weapons. My favorite one is when you’re fighting off the Hunters at Terragrigia. Also, the shooting and aiming, and navigation are very good too. Many times you’ll find yourself lost if you’re new to this, but that’s what the maps are for, and the enemies, although some can be the same, still add excitement and thrills. The story is the only real low point for this game, as I still don’t understand what really went on and why it did. But I’ve heard that Resident Evil titles usually have convoluted storylines. Nevertheless, I don’t play games for the story, I play for the gameplay, so that doesn’t really matter much to me.


At the end of the day, people who did buy this game on the HD consoles should shake their heads and wonder why they didn’t buy a 3DS to get the full experience of this game. Because the consoles just don’t do it any justice. Resident Evil: Revelations is so well done; it rivals the first Resident Evil game, especially the ship levels vs. the mansion levels of the first game. And the co-op for this game is also fun, but get ready to be slacking behind your partners if they’re really good and know how to kill the monsters before you do.


Gameplay 9
Graphics 8
Sound 9
Overall 9