(Rumor) Uncharted Trilogy Coming to PS4?

A remastered Uncharted trilogy coming to PS4 has been a highly probably prediction to many already, but a listing has been found on a video game-selling website. The listing includes the game’s supposed price, box art, and even release date (September 30).


One odd thing that makes this listing a bit suspicious is this quote from the site stating “Uncharted 1-3 in HD!” as if the games weren’t already technically in HD on PS3. That could just be a weird description and selling point from the site, however, and may not mean that this is a fake or how Sony will actually advertise.

However, until Sony and Naughty Dog confirm this trilogy collection’s existence, take this listing with a grain of salt. The Uncharted games are all great, so I do hope that this is real. It’ll be an excuse to play through the trilogy again and a good way to prepare for A Thief’s End in 2016.

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