Samsung Galaxy Note 4 First Impressions

Well it is that time again, my Verizon Wireless contract is up so I decided it was time to upgrade my phone, marking the end of my tenure with my Samsung Galaxy S3 and the start of new one with the Galaxy Note 4. I have had it for almost a week now and I am ready to give my first week impressions of my new device.

Starting off I would like to say that when it comes to cell phones, I do not have any brand loyalty. While I did enjoy my Samsung Galaxy S3, in no way was the Note 4 a no-brainer for me. It really just ended up being the one that I decided I wanted. When it comes to the Note line, I have always been interested in it. I remember looking at my GS3 and coming across an almost identical phone that was much larger and that was the Note 2. When I saw that phone, I was extremely intrigued by it but at the time I was not ready for a phone that big. This time, however, I was ready.

While I will wait for my review to get heavily into the ascetics, the Note 4 is definitely the best looking in the line. There are many out there that bash Samsung for their designs. Personally, I really don’t see an issue with them, when I look at the Note 4, I see a very sleek phone, with a massive screen. While the design is nothing exciting, it definitely doesn’t look bad by any means. I am much more concerned about what the phone looks like when it is turned on; the Note 4 shows its inner beauty when the lights come on.

The best part about the Note 4 is definitely the screen. All the jabs about the physical ascetics are silenced the moment the screen is turned on, because the screen is absolutely beautiful. While I am not a screen resolution expert, my eyes tell me that this screen is one of the best out there on a smart phone. Besides the screen being beautiful, it is also very large. The Note 4 rocks a 5.7 inch display. I have found that browsing the web, texting, reading ebooks, watching tv shows, and even multitasking to be very comfortable and enjoyable. The size in combination with the resolution make for a great experience.

The last thing I want to discuss is the S Pen. The S Pen, Samsung’s special stylus for the Note line, has been a very interesting addition to my phone use habits. I have used it for photo editing and taking notes. The photo editing is hilarious and really easy to use. I will give some examples in my review but it has been a blast thus far. In terms of taking Notes, I have found the S Pen to be extremely accurate with very little lag, if any. I have used to write down my assignments and in some cases I was able to use it to do my homework, which actually turned out to be better than I expected it to. While I am not sure if everyone would use the S Pen, so far I find that it makes the Note 4 a much more versatile device than my GS3 and I can see why it is referred to as a Phablet.

So far, the Galaxy Note 4 has been serving me very well. There is, however, a reason why this isn’t a review. When it comes to any product there is always a “buyers high” so to say. Right now I believe that I am currently in that timeframe. I am waiting until next week for that high stabilize. After that excitement is over I am wondering if I will still be as thrilled with carrying around this larger device. Unlike a laptop or a tablet, a Phone or Phablet is an everyday carry device, so there isn’t going to be a time where you can just leave it at home. As of right now I don’t think that will be an issue for me but to play it safe, I’ll give it a couple more days.

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