Sony Confirms PS5 Features During Investor Report

Last month Sony surprised the gaming world when Wired released an exclusive article about Sony and the next generation of PlayStation. In the article, they talked about PS5 with some of the key features that will be included with the next-gen console. For the past month, it has garnered quite the response from the public.

As part of Sony’s investor report, they have outlined the following which we have included the official graphic below.

Of course, we know we will be getting even more information on what they have said so far such as backwards compatibility, 8K support, and the new SSD that drastically reduces loading times.

However, the things that they haven’t spoken about yet such as release date, price, and launch titles just might arguably be the most important things the consumer wants to know.

With the new ways that Sony has been giving information out to the players, we can expect new information to drop on us at any given time.

So stay tuned to GaminRelam for updates on Sony and the PlayStation 5


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