Sony Sells-Out With Playstation All-Stars Island

Apparently, Sony is not done with the PlayStation All-Stars IP. But unfortunately, it’s not the kind of game us fans were expecting.

Playstation All-Stars Island is an iOS and Android game that is available right now for mobile devices. According to VG247, The game takes place on an island where players can participate in Playstation-themed mini-games. Players will also earn “special Coke Zero moves within the game that make the impossible possible.”

The four main characters have been confirmed to be Nathan Drake, Cole MacGrath, Sacboy and Kat from Gravity Rush but naturally of course many other Playstation icons will be featured in the game.

As one of the few people who actually bought, played, and thoroughly enjoyed Playstation All-Stars, I’m somewhat offended by this. It’s a total and complete mockery to the PS3 and Vita title, and I don’t see how Sony can’t realize that they are disrespecting and devaluing their own Playstation brand by doing such a silly, bizarre move like this. The Playstation brand isn’t above iOS games Sony? They’re not worth more than that?

I always understood why, but now I really see why Nintendo simply refuses to throw their beloved franchises on mobile devices. It’s flat-out debauchery and feels completely unnatural.

Really, why the hell is Nathan Drake on a mobile game? The Uncharted franchises is blatantly and utterly above this. Any Playstation fan or even anybody who just generally likes Sony should really feel shameful toward Sony right about now. This is a blatant cash-grab and a blatant selling-out.

Let us know what you guys think down below.

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19 thoughts on “Sony Sells-Out With Playstation All-Stars Island

  1. So then Microsoft already sold out right since they did release Halo: Spartan Ops for tablets…..Or how about the FREE 360 for signing up for Time Warner Cable OR how about the buy your games before you feed your kids super ghetto $99 360 with the 2 year contract, that cost more than just purchasing a system….OR how about Super Halo 4 Double XP brought to you by Doritos and Mt. Dew That would be selling out too using the same logic right?
    I mean if were going to claim things, we should probably look at the whole picture right?

  2. It seems people on the Internet are running out of things to be outraged by. What a fucking pitiful and pathetic thing to care about.

  3. I’d consider myself a Sony fan since the PS1 days and I own PSASBR and I have no problem with Sony releasing a mobile game. If anything I hope it sells well and can help fund some new Vita/PS4 games.

  4. who cares?

  5. i went through the work of commenting on this site just to say to whoever wrote this article, “GROW THE HELL UP!!!”
    Why do you care so much? They will make a PS4 sequel no doubt in the future. Stop being a whiny cry baby.

    • If you would have actually read AND comprehended the article, you would’ve known why I care. It’s devaluation of the Playstation brand. But a lot of you are obviously so caught up in your defense mode that you don’t realize that I’m saying the Playstation brand is a legendary one, one that is too great for the likes of mobile devices. Old retro games like on the PS1 on the Xperia, O.K. But this? No.

      • Dude, this article sucks and you’re just trying to make waves.
        I disagree anyways. Who cares if they put Drake in a mobile game. GOOD, let him get more exposure. I don’t know why you’re acting like mobile games are lower than console games. Everyone plays mobile games. Hopefully it will just make Sony more money because I know they will put it back into their awesome first party studios.

  6. If release mini-games on smartphones, bla bla bla disrespect bla bla bla Playstation brand is more important bla bla. But if that game got released on PS Vita, you would be complaining the same way, saying this isnt the kinda of game that vita diserv, that is should be a mobile game, bla bla bla.
    Im just amazed to see how some websites can be such a att-whores some times. Ridiculous…

  7. It is not Sony selling out. It is the developers. Let them do what they want with their IP. Besides all this does is promote the game. Eventually they will get it on PS3.

    Besides I’m too distracted by the surplus of games on PS3 already.

  8. $0ny PauperStation -> Overhype, but most certainly underdeliver and lies. PSABR was crap and a flop.

  9. You guys remember the PSP Kevin Butler commercial where the little black kid goes “And I can’t stand hearing these kids about some weak app on a phone” and Kevin Butler goes “Games (on one hand)…Phone (on the other)” and scoffs lmao

  10. so by your logic i should be outraged too i don’t like PlayStation all stars or the one that Nintendo makes sorry forgot name but i love alot of the characters featured on bouth games

  11. You think a major corporation like Sony hasn’t already “sold out”?

  12. The BenjaMan. says:

    This HAS to be a troll article, a pitiful attempt at getting views, or, the worst case scenario for the author’s mental health, a case of extreme fanboyism.

    Oh no! Sony Computer Entertainment, a company that produces and sells electronic games, is producing and selling an electronic game! GOD HELP US ALL!!!

    “They are disrespecting and devaluing their own Playstation brand” What’s humilliating in IOS games? Casual gaming is extremely popular, it’s very lucrative, and through it, many people are introduced to gaming culture in general, and with this spin-off, to PlayStation Icons. Many IOS customers who may now know much about PS could potentially, become loyal PlayStation fans, and they might support the franchises these characters are originally from.

    Nintendo? Nintendo is too proud, or paranoically cautious regarding the use of its franchises. If they released games on tablets, phones, etc., they could get many more consumers and fans.

    Why is Nathan Drake on a mobile game? Uncharted: Golden Abyss would like a word with you. …Of course, U:GA may count as “portable” and not as “mobile” to some. I could start a lecture about how “portable” derives from “to port (aka to carry)”, and “mobile” derives from “To move”, so they are very similar… but my time is too valuable to dialogue with irrational fanatics.

    Finally, any good writer can make people feel happiness, wrath, sorrow, fear, or any other derivate feeling, without ordering them to. Don’t tell people what they should feel, that makes them feel challenged, pressed or even attacked, and they will very likely develop scorn towards anyone who tells them what they must feel.

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