Hideo Kojima Teases Metal Gear Collection

There may be a new Metal Gear Collection coming for long time fans of the franchise, or gamers wanting to try the series out for themselves. Kojima tweeted out this picture earlier today:   本読み中。 pic.twitter.com/zl9JWGOcEU — 小島秀夫 (@Kojima_Hideo) September 11, 2014   It is unclear what this collection would include, but since it is […]

Sony E3 Details Leaked?

E3 2014 is already around the corner and apparently, an inside source has recently revealed Sony’s plans for the convention to DaulShockers. It should be noted that nothing here has been officially confirmed.These are all just rumors. However, the pieces of information that are in bold have been reported twice, so this inside source may […]

You Wanted It (Maybe) You Got It. GBA Virtual Console To Hit Wii U April 3rd

Prepare for battle! Advance Wars will storm onto #WiiU Virtual Console on 3rd April! #GBA pic.twitter.com/egeu6XspG0 — Nintendo UK (@NintendoUK) March 25, 2014 Before you get too excited, the release date is only confirmed for all of Europe first. No announcement on when Japan and the United States will get theirs. The game that will […]

Rumor: Unannounced 3rd-Party Exclusive Hitting Wii U in 2014

 According to Nico Wav of French gaming website Gameblog, an unknown exclusive 3rd-party exclusive for the Wii U is currently under development and is set to hit store shelves next year. He tweeted this information on Twitter earlier today from Japan. Wav also notes that this exclusive will be “in the vein of Bayonetta 2”, but what exactly […]

Dynasty Warriors: Zelda….Or Hyrule Warriors Coming For Wii U in 2014

Wow…..Totally did not see that coming. Nintendo has announced along with a long list of their announcements that the upcoming Zelda Wii u game will actually be a spin-off game. Its a Dynasty Warriors clone-like-Zelda theme game tentatively entitled: Hyrule Warriors and on top of that, it’s being developed by Tecmo Koei: The Kings of Dynasty Warriors […]