Azure Striker Gunvolt Finally Has English Site

Keiji Inafune’ nostalgia banking train aka Mighty No 9 is on the way. But his other nostalgia banking train in the form of Azure Striker: Gunvolt which is the spiritual successor to those abysmal Megaman Zero games will be released exclusively on the 3DS e-shop this summer. Once again it’s digital only. But, today Inti […]

Yes! Megaman ZX Successor Azure Striker Gunvolt Coming To US In Summer

Azure Striker Gunvolt, Keiji Inafune’s 3DS 2D side-scrolling Megaman ZX-like game will be released in both North America and Japan this Summer as told by the cool cats at Europeans might have to wait a little longer solely because if Comcept and Inti Creates does plan on releasing it to the Europeans, then they […]