(Rumor) Both Versions of Fire Emblem Fates Might Be Bundled in the West

Fire Emblem Fates was released in Japan under two versions, Birthright and Conquest. Both will have different events and a unique storyline. According to a listing found on Amazon Europe, the West may be getting a bundle that includes both versions of the game in one package (similar to the Pokemon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby bundle). […]

Limited Edition Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Bundle Revealed

Sony has recently revealed that there will be a new limited edition PS4 with custom artwork based on the Batman Arkham series. The bundle will cost $449.99 and will include a limited edition Steel Grey PS4 console and Dualshock 4 controller with a custom Batman Arkham faceplate. You’ll also get a physical copy of Batman: […]

The Last of Us and Destiny Cutsom PS4’s Coming to Japan

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan announced that two new limited edition PS4’s will be hitting Japan based off of The Last of Us Remastered and Destiny. They will cost 47,980 yen (approximately $473) and 46,980 (approximately $463) respectively. These consoles will come with an HD cover, and a copy of their respective games. If you live […]

The Last of Us Remastered Bundle?

Amazon France has recently listed a Playstation 4 bundle that comes with a copy of The Last of Us Remastered. This bundle is listed to release on July 30. There is still no official confirmation from Sony, so take it with a grain of salt. The Last of Us is a big title however, so […]

Mario White Edition 3DS XL Coming to North America?

According to Play-Asia, North America may be getting a Mario White Edition 3DS XL bundle.   This bundle is set for $299.99 and will supposedly be in stock this July. The bundle comes with New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2011.  There has still been no official confirmation from Nintendo about this […]

Smash 4 Gamecube Controller Bundle Announced

After the Digital Event that took place earlier this morning,  Nintendo has announced that there will be a bundle for Smash 4, hitting store shelves this holiday season, that will include the game, a brand new GameCube controller, and of course the recently-announced GC adapter. Of course, you can purchase either of the two seperately, […]

White Playstation 4 Destiny Bundle Announced

Sony has revealed a new white Playstation 4 console, that will be bundled with Destiny. This bundle will be available when Destiny releases on September 9.  The white PS4 bundle comes with 500 GB, a white Daulshock 4, a copy of Destiny, and a 30 day voucher for Playstation Plus. A price for the bundle […]

PS4/Vita “Ultimate Player” Bundle

A new entry on Amazon France has surfaced, indicating that a new bundle will be available that will include both a Playstation 4 and a Playstation Vita Slim.   This bundle is called the “Ultimate Player Edition” and is listed on Amazon France for €579.99 or $789.99. In France, this pricing equals the sum of both the […]