Super Mario Maker 2 Wont Offer Online Play With Friends

Earlier this month, Nintendo showed off Super Mario Maker 2 and its new four player competitive mode and online co-op. Releasing June 28th, it will give players the opportunity to create stages and devise their own labyrinths of intricate detail. However, via Youtube channel GameXplain we have discovered that you will not be able to […]

Rumor: Nintendo of America Sending Gamers Smash Brothers CDs

This is completely a rumor at this point, but apparently Nintendo of America is sending a gift to gamers who registered both versions of Super Smash Brothers on Club Nintendo. The gift is a CD that contains the illustrious soundtrack from the game. If this is really going to happen, that is a pretty awesome gesture […]

Club Nintendo Shutting Down

Yesterday we received some sad news. Nintendo officially revealed that they would be shutting down their rewards program, Club Nintendo, for good. Here’s the official statement: Dear Club Nintendo Members, Thank you for your continued loyalty to Nintendo. We launched Club Nintendo 6 years ago in North America, and we’re grateful for all of the […]

Nintendo Is Offering One Free Game When You buy Mario Kart 8

This is great news for Nintendo fans, Nintendo is offering one free game to anyone who buys  Mario Kart 8. North America Gamers will get to choose from one out of four games. New Super Mario Bros. U, Pikmin 3, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, and Wii Party U.While Europe gets to […]

Tell Nintendo You Care About Online – Club Nintendo Survey

This is a very rare and crucial opportunity that Nintendo fans should step up and take advantage of. There is a new Club Nintendo survey up for 10 coins that focuses on how much gamers enjoy single player and online muliplayer experiences. The key question in this survey is:   Lately there’s been a movement […]