Mighty No. 9 Gameplay Footage Released

The spiritual successor to Megaman, Mighty No. 9, received it’s first official gameplay release today. Comcept has released footage before, but the game was still in its very early stages at the time. Comcept also released concept art for two of the bosses in the game, Might No. 2 and Mighty No. 5.   The […]

Azure Striker Gunvolt Finally Has English Site

Keiji Inafune’ nostalgia banking train aka Mighty No 9 is on the way. But his other nostalgia banking train in the form of Azure Striker: Gunvolt which is the spiritual successor to those abysmal Megaman Zero games will be released exclusively on the 3DS e-shop this summer. Once again it’s digital only. But, today Inti […]

Yes! Megaman ZX Successor Azure Striker Gunvolt Coming To US In Summer

Azure Striker Gunvolt, Keiji Inafune’s 3DS 2D side-scrolling Megaman ZX-like game will be released in both North America and Japan this Summer as told by the cool cats at Siliconera.com. Europeans might have to wait a little longer solely because if Comcept and Inti Creates does plan on releasing it to the Europeans, then they […]