New Kingdom Hearts 3 Footage Revealed

During Square Enix’s press conference, we finally got another look at Kingdom Herts 3! The trailer shows off more gameplay, new mechanics, a Tangeld world, a new outfit for Sora, and an amazing cutscene between a young Xehanort and Eraqus. I am such a huge Kingdom Hearts fan and was so relieved to see this […]

Ubisoft E3 Conference Recap and Thoughts

Ubisoft just finished their conference, hosted by Aisha Tyler, and the hour long conference was filled with shooters, a dog, and dancing. That’s right, it’s one of those. The conference started with the first footage of Far Cry 4. This video showed the first five minutes of the game, in which the main protagonist is […]

E3 Contents of “The Big 3” Leaked?

Here’s yet another E3 rumor for you. According to a ZI forum user by the name of “I AM ERROR”, there is a list containing everything that will be shown in the press conferences and show floors of Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. Obviously the press conference portion will not include Nintendo since they are not […]

Microsoft E3 2013 Conference Highlights

Miss anything from the Microsoft E3 conference? Well we have all the highlights from the conference gathered in one place for ya. Before today, Microsoft stated on multiple occasions that this year E3 conference for them will be all about the games. I can gladly report to you that they were not kidding. Here is a […]

Full E3 2013 Schedule – Don’t Miss a Thing!

Still don’t know when the full E3 2013 schedule? Well fear not, for I have with me today the full schedule for the E3 2013 conferences including the times for various time zones: I also have the full schedule for Nintendo’s various events – they won’t be limiting this E3 to one single Direct presentation: […]