Guinness World Record Holder Hideo Kojima Is Now A Reality

Hideo Kojima is now a recipient of his first Guinness World Record Award, but not for what you might expect. Since Death Stranding has released, Kojima has been anything but reserved about the feedback it’s receiving in the West versus the East, and has gone as far as to say some very snide stereotypes about […]

Why Death Stranding’s Bad Review Scores Is A Wake-Up Call

Will this Hideo Kojima production be a complete flop of a project? Death Stranding has been one of the most vague in recent gaming history for a multitude of reasons. The idea of an unclear motive to what the player’s end goal really is, with only a few weeks left until launch, leaves a buyer […]

Death Stranding Is Coming To PC

Death Stranding was initially set to be a PlayStation exclusive for November 8, 2019, but now it has been reported that Death Stranding will be released to PC in Summer of 2020. People that are die-hard Sony supporters have cancelled their pre orders of the Hideo Kojima directed title. The madness behind harming a company, […]

Death Stranding Will Take Massive Hard Drive Space

We are slowly but surely learning more of what’s to come from the Hideo Kojima title known as Death Stranding. Kojima has been on record stating things like 50 percent of the way through the game is where it’ll get really fun and that really became up to the interpretation of the player’s thought process, […]

Hideo Kojima Shows Off Death Stranding Steelbook

Hideo Kojima, the mind behind the upcoming game Death Stranding has given patient fans a bit more of a glimpse into the game by releasing images of the standard version and steelbook edition via twitter. The post is below: There’s quite a difference between the two box arts and may make the steelbook a preference for […]

Details for Death Stranding Pre Orders & Collector’s Edition

Death Stranding Standard Edition Includes Full base game (Physical standard case) Gold “Sam” sunglasses Gold hat Gold Speed Skeleton (boosts Sam’s movement speed when equipped) Gold armor plate (boosts Sam’s protection against any damage) Retailers and PlayStation Store will price this at $60   Death Stranding Special Edition Includes Custom SteelBook case Gold “Ludens Mask” […]