“R.I.P” PSN, Thanks Destiny

Even though the title seems as a bit of “click-bait”, I honestly believe there might be some serious issues for PSN to deal with the launch of “Destiny”. As most of you know the PlayStation 4 version of Minecraft was released recently on the PlayStation Store. After the game went live, PSN began experiencing a […]

Bungie’s Destiny Beta Impressive Stats

Bungie released Destiny Beta’s stats stating it became the most simultaneously played Bungie game of all time. Bungie Stated: Our favorite achievement is the concurrency statistic. At its peak, the Destiny Beta became the most simultaneously played Bungie game of all time. There were more people online at the same time to play Destiny than […]

The Last of Us and Destiny Cutsom PS4’s Coming to Japan

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan announced that two new limited edition PS4’s will be hitting Japan based off of The Last of Us Remastered and Destiny. They will cost 47,980 yen (approximately $473) and 46,980 (approximately $463) respectively. These consoles will come with an HD cover, and a copy of their respective games. If you live […]

6.5 Million Games Played on Destiny Alpha

Almost 6.5 million games were played during the PS4 exclusive Destiny alpha test that ended last week, developer Bungie revealed. Bungie posted on its website a bunch of stats about the amount of people that played the alpha. Between amount of heavy weapon kills, to the number of public events joined, these stats all show the […]

White Playstation 4 Destiny Bundle Announced

Sony has revealed a new white Playstation 4 console, that will be bundled with Destiny. This bundle will be available when Destiny releases on September 9.  The white PS4 bundle comes with 500 GB, a white Daulshock 4, a copy of Destiny, and a 30 day voucher for Playstation Plus. A price for the bundle […]

All PS4 Games to Get Pre-Load Option After Destiny

Sony has just confirmed that all games that come out after Destiny will receive a pre-load option. This means that any Playstation 4 game you pre-order can be pre-downloaded from the PSN. Watch Dogs was rumored to be the first game to have this feature, but it seems that is not the case. It will […]

Destiny Now Available to Pre-Order through PlayStation Store for PS3 and PS4

Pre-orders for Destiny are now available on the PlayStation Store, both the PS3 and PS4 versions of the title are available to pre-order for $59.99. If you are worried about not getting into the beta don’t be, as previously revealed by Activision, pre-ordering Destiny on the PS3 or PS4 will include access to the game’s […]

Bungie’s Destiny Competitive Multiplayer Will be Demoed at E3

Info on Destiny’s V.S. multiplayer has been relatively lite, with a large amount of the information released focusing more on the co-operative aspect more than anything. However, developer Bungie has confirmed that the competitive aspects of the game will be playable at E3 2014. Destiny is set to be released September 9 on PlayStation 3, […]