According to Microsoft, The Core of Xbox One Price Drop wasn’t to Boost Sales.

As reported earlier and the news that has everyone in a tizzy today, Microsoft has finally listed to their fans….a year later but, better late than never. The Xbox One is getting are haul in June to coincide with Microsoft’s alleged blockbuster E3 conference as the console is getting re-released in June without the maligned […]

How the Xbox One is Starting to Look Much Better

It’s no secret that the large majority of the internet isn’t too fond of Microsoft and the Xbox One. Between the system’s horrible reveal conference, Microsoft’s [now reversed] DRM policy, and other problems that plagued the system such as their indie policies, the Xbox One wasn’t necessarily received with open arms. Gamers absolutely blasted the […]

Xbox One’s Future With the Family Sharing Plan

With the removal of DRM and connectivity policies for the Xbox One, it will also lose the ability to share your games, digitally with up to *10 family members. Why Microsoft did this, I don’t understand, do you think it’s their way at getting back at the community for making them switch their policies? I […]

Xbox One Will Drop to $399

Microsoft has a track record of dropping multiple SKU’S, before the Xbox One launches, Microsoft will announce two different versions of their console; one with Kinect 2.0 and one without. This gives gamers a chance  to buy the Xbox One for one hundred dollars less. In today’s economy, buying a Console for $500 is just too expensive.  […] is having a #NoDRM Summer Sale

Steam may be the digital distribution platform of choice for the majority of PC gamers, but’s latest sale is nothing to scoff at. In light of the recent uproar in response to Microsoft’s Xbox One console being largely DRM-based, GOG will be offering 500+ DRM-free games at 50% off their original price until July […]