Kingdom Hearts III Moved to Unreal Engine

It looks like the highly anticipated sequel, Kingdom Hearts III, will no longer be using Square Enix’s in-house engine, Luminous, but will instead be using Epic Games’ Unreal engine. In a recent Famitsu interview, director Tetsuya Nomura stated, “Surely and steadily, and we’re progressing on schedule,”. He continued, “For various reasons, we’ve changed the game engine to […]

Shin’en Working On 2nd-Generation Wii U Engine

Shin’en, the creators of Nano Assault, FAST Racing League, and the Art of Balance series, are reportedly preparing their 2nd-generation engine for the Wii U. This information has surfaced via Twitter when Shin’en replied to an inquiry I made about the reveal of their two mystery games: @ShinenGames Shin’en, huge fan of you guys here. […]