Mortal Kombat X Reveal at Evo

It has been announced by NetherRealm Studios (the developers of Mortal Kombat X) that the fighting game tournament, Evo, will feature an exclusive reveal for the upcoming game. This picture was posted on the official Mortal Kombat Facebook page: This reveal is scheduled for this Saturday, June 12 during the Injustice: Gods Among Us finals. […]

Nintendo Sponsoring Evo 2014

After much resistance towards Evo in the past, Nintendo has decided to switch gears this year and actually sponsor the fighting game event. Last year, Nintendo was very much against Super Smash Bros. Melee being streamed from Evo, and it took constant pestering from fans to convince Nintendo to cooperate. Nintendo has caused the Smash […]

Capcom’s Pro Tour adds $10 Grand Prize For Ultra Street Fighter 4 at EVO 2014

To show good faith towards the section of the gaming world that hasn’t bashed Capcom in the recent year, the fighting game community that still plays Super Street Fighter 4. Capcom has announced that they are putting up an additional $10,000 of their own money as the grand prize to the Ultra Street Fighter 4 […]

EVO 2014 Line-Up Announced. Smash Bros. Waiting For Nintendo’s Approval.

The gaming line-up for EVO 2014 is up. The games are the yet to be released Ultra Street Fighter 4, the sub-par Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, The updated Injustice Gods Among Us, The recent Killer Instinct, King of Fighter 13 and BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma. It makes me sad to see Mortal Kombat lose its […]