Fable Trilogy Announced For Febuary

Microsoft announced today that  Fable trilogy will be released for Xbox 360 on February 4, in North America and in Europe February 7, . The Trilogy will included Fable 2, Fable 3 & the remake version of the original Fable which is called Fable anniversary . The anniversary edition will be released on February 7,. […]

Fable Anniversary Delayed

Loinhead has announced, that Fable Anniversary is delayed until February 2014. The reason for this is the Studio said that they needed  more time to polish the game. Originally the game was set to be release in holiday 2013, for the xbox 36o. The game will feature new  Achievements, integrated Smart Glass, leader-boards, and a new […]

Fable Anniversary HD

Fable’s HD remake has been talked about a lot and finally, it has been officially confirmed. Fable Anniversary will release Holiday 2013 for the Xbox 360 exclusively. The HD remake will contain the original Fable for the Xbox 360, the Lost Chapters, additionally Achievements, integrated Smart Glass, leader-boards, and a new UI. In addition to […]