Oh, Capcom. What Are We Going To Do With You?

                      Capcom is not the bad guy everyone makes them out to be, unappeasable fanboys are partially to blame for Capcom’s woes. They have finally starting listening to fans a little late in this past generation’s cycle and just because there is no Megaman, doesn’t […]

Thief on PS4 is at 1080p, Xbox One 900p, Proving That the PS4 is Superior

Yesterday, it was reported that the upcoming Thief reboot will run much better and the PS4 than the Xbox One and even better on the PC. For the sake of harmony between the customers to grow the hell up, Square Enix tries to dampen the flames of rampant (and inevitable) fanboyism by claiming that the […]

Capcom’s Sleeper Sales: Resident Evil 5 and DmC Are Still Selling To This Day

Two of Capcom’s recent maligned games hated by the fanbase because they were different (In which in any other case who be considered racism, but I digress) are still selling copies. Resident Evil 5: Capcom’s best-selling game in the company’s history since Street Fighter 2 has sold even more copies. As of December 31st, 2013 […]

GaminRealm’s Staff Anticipated Games of 2014: Corey’s Pick’s

This is my personal pick of games that I can’t wait to play this year. It should be noted that odds are at least one or two of these games might end up being game of the year and we all know later in the year there will be more games revelead/released this year besides […]

Xbox One hit 3 Million Sales Before 2013 Ended.

Microsoft had announced today that their Xbox One console had sold about 3 million units by the end of 2013. As per previous Xbox One data, that figure is sell-through, with Microsoft stipulating the units were “sold to consumers.” According to  the Xbox Corporate VP of Marketing, Strategy and Business Yusuf Mehdi.”It’s been incredible to see […]

Metal Gear Rising: Revengance Finally Comes To PC

On January 9th, 2014 PC fans and fanboys…..nah, just the fanboys will be happy to know that the insanity inducing hack/slash title Metal Gear Rising: Revengance  will finally come to PC as confirmed by Konami via twitter: PC fans ur wish is granted, #MGR is coming to Steam w/ all DLC & costumes Jan 9th. Pre-order @ http://t.co/SVdGoYc5Hj […]

Before The Release Of His Game, Mighty No. 9 Makes His Gaming Debut in Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z

Mighty No. 9 is Comcept’s new robotic hero whose upcoming game is coming to nearly every home gaming platform. Mighty No. 9 is the result of Keji Inafune and Kickstarter. It has been idiotically named as the game that will put Capcom out of business or the game that will make everyone at Capcom feel dumb for […]

Monster Hunter 4: The Game That Saved Capcom

I’ll try to keep this short and sweet…..nah, just short. Angry fanboys are oblivious to the truth. Remember when Capcom was said to have 151 million in the bank? Remember when the news started a boom of YouTube videos and gaming forums covering the subject? You remember when every single one of said media all […]