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After many years, Electronic Arts and Nintendo have filed a contract towards publishing EA games onto Nintendo Platforms. With this contract in mind, Electronic Arts is publishing FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch with the release date of September 29th 2017. FIFA can be played mobile whether offline or online.  There will be different types of game mechanics in FIFA 18 that […]

On June 12 EA released a trailer that showcases a new story mode feature called “The Journey” for Fifa 17.  In the new mode you play as the Premier League’s next rising star Alex Hunter who hopes to rise his way through the rankings in professional soccer/football.  The new trailer also reveals that the Frostbite engine will be used to […]

EA has confirmed that players on next-gen consoles will be able to transfer the content or saves of Madden 25 and or FIFA 14  on their current gen consoles, being the 360 or PS3, can bring it across to the next gen, Xbox One or PS4. Each game has its unique features of what can be brought over… While being […]