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As many of you are aware, BattleField 1 had quite a presence at this year’s E3 convention. Not only was the game arguably the center piece of interest but everyone who attended was really looking to get their hands on with some of the gameplay. Well today I present to you some of the most insanely exciting pre-alpha gameplay footage […]

Dragon Ball Super was announced recently as the first Dragon Ball anime series in nearly 2 decades. Not much was known about how the series would look, until now. We now have a very brief 14-second Japanese trailer to give us a tiny taste of how the series will be. Akira Toriyama has finally returned to write the story for […]

New Kingdom Hearts 3 Footage Shown

A special launch event was hosted in Burbank yesterday for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix and during the event, special footage for Kingdom Hearts 3 was shown. Members of Kingdom Hearts Insider were there to provide coverage of the new gameplay shown: -Sora is seen in his Kingdom Hearts II Valor form outfit, no new outfit reveal. -Land of Departure […]

Warning! This article could potentially be revealing the entire roster for Super Smash Bros. 4. If you haven’t seen these leaks yet and want to wait until official reveals, I suggest you turn back now. You have been warned.   For the past few days, this image of the “full” roster for the upcoming Super Smash bros game has been […]

At Microsoft’s E3 press conference, we were given more footage for games that had been announced before this year’s presentation, giving us a more in depth look at some of the most anticipated titles. Here’s the run down:   Forza Horizon 2 Gameplay trailer     Sunset Overdrive Trailer and Gameplay       The Witcher 3 Trailer     […]