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A page that was leaked from Coro Coro, a magazine that specializes in toys, video games and manga showed that Pokken Tournament, a Pokemon arcade game currently available in Japan will be adding new playable Pokemon in the Wii U version of the game.  These new Pokemon include Braixen, Garchomp, and Mewtwo. Pokken Tournament is scheduled to come out March18, 2016 in Japan and […]

Game Freak, the team behind the Pokemon series, has announced a new game they’re working on that’s being published by Sega. The game is called, and I’m not making this up, Tembo the Badass Elephant. The game is a 2D side-scroller coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One this summer as a digital download. To me, it basically looks like […]

New Pokémon Hoopa Officially Revealed

A brand new mythical Pokémon named Hoopa has been officially revealed! Hoopa is a Psychic/Ghost type and will be available in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire through special means. Hoopa will have the “Magician” ability, which allows it to steal the held item of the Pokémon it hit. We’ve known of Hoopa’s existence for quite a while thanks to hackers who […]

It looks like a lot of really amazing things are coming up for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Pokemon has officially announced new Mega Evolutions, returning legendaries, and new features! Firstly, we have an official look at the newest Mega Evolutions for Beedrill and Pidgeot. Beedrill remains a Bug/Poison type after Mega Evolution and gains an enormous boost in Attack as […]

Secret Bases Return to Pokemon

Yet another piece of Pokemon news has surfaced this week. This time, the beloved feature, Secret Bases, from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, will be making a return in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. In the original Game Boy Advance games, Secret Bases were hidden areas that the player could decorate with plushes, furniture and more. These areas also had […]

Back in May, Nintendo announced that they would be giving away a limited edition Vivillon via Mystery Gift. Well that day has finally arrived, so owners of Pokemon X and Y, get this offer while you can. The Pokemon “Vivillon” comes in a number of different patterns, and varies depending on what region the player is in. Now this new […]

Pokemon Center Online Store Returns

Years ago, the Pokemon Center online store was a place where Pokemon fans could purchase all sorts of Pokemon merchandise such as plush dolls, trading cards, posters, clothes, and more. In 2008, the online store closed down. In recent years, most Pokemon Center merchandise could only be found in Japan. Now it looks like westerners will be able to get […]

The Pokémon Company International and Princeton Entertainment will be coming together to bring Pokemon fans a live orchestral show called, Pokemon: Symphonic Evolutions. Pokemon: Symphonic Evolutions will feature the classic music from the Pokemon games, from the first generation of Red, Blue, and Yellow, all the way up to the present with X and Y. The first show will be […]

Even more info on the new Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire remakes has surfaced just before E3. New scans from the Japanese magazine Coro Coro reveals a ton of new information. Firstly, the starter evolutions, Swampert and Sceptile, will be getting mega evolutions. Mega Swampert is still a Water/Ground type, and has the ability, Swift Swim. Mega Sceptile will be Grass/Dragon, […]

The 2014 Pokemon National Championships are coming up in the US next month and it has just been announced that the tournament will be streamed live on Twitch for the first time ever. It will feature Pokemon X and Pokemon Y as well as TCG matches. The schedule is as follows: Saturday, July 5, noon-5 p.m. ET: Pokemon Video Game […]