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Every year at the E3 conference, gaming fans around the world watch and wait with anticipation. E3 Being one of the most iconic gaming conferences held once a year draws arguably more attention than all other events dedicated to gaming. It is no surprise that major players in such as EA, Nintendo, PlayStation and others rarely miss a chance to […]

Activision  Community Manager, Don Amrich responded back to the angry community of gamers in a recent blog post addressing how this effects the gaming industry as a whole. Treyarch released a patch for Black Ops 2 recently in attempt to balance out the weapons a little bit more better to try to make the game as fair as possible. In […]

PC Gaming is Not Dead

I first want to disclose the fact that I am not a PC Fan boy. Sure most of my gaming is done on PC, and that’s 98% of my gaming and needless to say I do prefer PC Gaming over any other form of gaming. Including Handhelds, and console gaming. There are an influx of articles popping up in numerous […]