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We have partnered up with an awesome tech company who offers some seriously amazing tech! Logiix offers some seriously premium products that look and feel the part. This week we are giving away a bundle to help you guys out and upgrade your technology. Feel free to take a look at what is being offered and reviewed in the video […]

Puridea Mini Projector Review

The mini projector by Puridea is a very elegant piece of tech and to see it perform, leaves your mind a bit boggled. How can something so small operate with the quality that it does? Puridea set a bar with their mini projector and i’m sure many rivals will look to see what they have done right, in order to […]

DOOM Giveaway

If you guys & gals have not had the opportunity to play and enjoy DOOM, you seriously missing out! DOOM is a massive game and everyone can enjoy what it has to offer. From multiplayer action to campaign, DOOM delivers in every way imaginable. Check out the video below and click the link for your free chance to enter now! […]

First I would like to express my personal pleasure with Newegg products and inform you of all the great deals they have to offer on a daily basis. Some of the best deals for my gaming and PC needs. Whether its components, programs, laptops or tablets; Newegg has you covered. So if you like massive tech and video game deals, then this […]

We’re having yet another giveaway here at GaminRealm. This time, we’re giving away Playstation Now beta access codes for PS4. This giveaway is for all fans of GaminRealm, but we strongly encourage new subscribers to take part in this giveaway. This giveaway will end Thursday, June 26. Here are the steps: 1. Subscribe to GameINFO87 Youtube channel 2. Subscribe to […] Dogs PC Giveaway

Want to win a free code of Watch Dogs for the PC GaminRealm will be hosting a Watch Dogs giveaway starting now up until the  game’s release. What are the requirements? There are 5 easy steps to take to enter: Register on GaminRealm if you haven’t already. We won’t be giving a free copy to someone who isn’t even a part of […]

GaminRealm’s TitanFall Giveaway

Yep, GaminRealm is doing yet another giveaway folks. This time, it is for the highly anticipated TitanFall from the talented folks over at Respawn Entertainment. Microsoft was benevolent enough to supply us one free (Xbox One) copy to give away to a lucky fan. Just like with the Grand Theft Auto V giveaway we did last year, the same rules […]