Upcoming games and current games that Support AMD’s Mantle

With the announcement of AMD’s new Mantle technology six months ago PC gamers and developers have been buzzing. Although only 2 games currently support the API The API has primarily been created for PC, with implementation currently in place for those GPUs sporting AMD’s Graphics Core Next architecture. AMD and EA Seem to be in […]

Shin’en: “There are No Hurdles at All” For Indies on Wii U

Pretendo recently landed an interview with the critically acclaimed Nintendo-centric indie developer Shin’en. In the interview, Manfred Linzner of Shin’en Games has given another tidbit of information regarding Nintendo’s indie policies on their 3DS and Wii U eShops, and it sounds like things are a walk-in-the-park for indies on Wii U. Q: Although you haven’t developed on an […]

Nintendo Allowing Cross Platform Play With Mobile

Cross platform play between the Wii U and mobile devices seems to be headed our way. As if indie developers weren’t being pampered enough by Nintendo (and Sony for that matter), the company has made another move the encourages indie devs even more to bring their titles to Wii U. In an interview with the […]