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Pokémon GO announced for iOS and Android

In a press conference live-streamed on the Japanese site NicoNico from The Pokémon Company, it was announced that Nintendo and The Pokémon Company are partnering with Niantic Labs, developers of Google Ingress for Android and iOS, to bring a whole new Pokémon experience to mobile devices. With an emphasis of utilizing real-world locations to search for, find, and catch Pokémon, this is nothing we have […]

Sega has decided to remove a good number of mobile games from the iOS and Android marketplaces due to “quality concerns”. Sega hasn’t stated exactly what these quality concerns are, and the company is still not sure if any of the games will be updated and re-listed for sale at a later date. They have clarified, however, that those who […]

Recently, it was revealed that Disney was working on a mobile Kingdom Hearts game in 2013, but it was eventually scrapped. The game was titled, Kingdom Hearts: Fragmented Keys, and was to feature players’ custom characters as they traversed through Disney worlds defeating enemies. Nothing out of the ordinary there. However, it was supposedly discovered that Philip Cruden, owner of […]

A port of the Bandai Namco game, Tales of Phantasia, was released on iOS mobile devices earlier this year. Now it looks like Namco has decided to shut down the RPG already. It was announced that distribution would cease on August 28. The app will be rendered useless at that point since an online connection is required to play the […]

I don’t think that I’ve ever heard of anything like this in my entire life. Rocketcat Games, Wayward Souls is an iOS RPG available on the iTunes store today, for those interested, it costs $5 FOR NOW. The reason I say that is because the developers are planning to charge more for the purchase of the game each time there […]

Square Enix Montreal today, has released Hitman Go for the iOS today. Hitman Go is a turn-based strategy puzzle game that plays like a board game. The gameplay has an emphasis on stealth as you are take out upcoming and unsuspecting oppositions and obviously, not get caught doing it. “We wanted to make something unexpected. Something that crystalizes  everything ‘Hitman’ […]

For years, people have been calling for Nintendo to go mobile in the sense to port/make original games for the IOS/Android markets…you know, because everybody else is doing it. Nintendo has remained adamant of never folding to pressure stating that they will never ever go mobile. I also remember Shigeru Miyamoto saying something about controls never replacing the feel of […]

Just as the title says, Mega Man and Mega Man X are back in a game made in house by Capcom. They are starring in the upcoming Japanese iOS game Street Fighter X All Capcom. In the featured trailer, it seems that they will also be joined by Megaman Volnutt from the much maligned Megaman Legends games as well as […]

Cross platform play between the Wii U and mobile devices seems to be headed our way. As if indie developers weren’t being pampered enough by Nintendo (and Sony for that matter), the company has made another move the encourages indie devs even more to bring their titles to Wii U. In an interview with the Official Nintendo Magazine, VooFoo revealed […]

Apparently, Sony is not done with the PlayStation All-Stars IP. But unfortunately, it’s not the kind of game us fans were expecting. Playstation All-Stars Island is an iOS and Android game that is available right now for mobile devices. According to VG247, The game takes place on an island where players can participate in Playstation-themed mini-games. Players will also earn “special Coke […]