GaminRealm Podcast Episode 6

[buzzsprout episode=’107842′ player=’true’]   Naughty Dog says no new engine for next gen PS4, Dev on PS4’s 8 GB GDDR5 RAM: “Devs Can’t Take Full Advantage of it Right Now”, Microsoft Confirms Xbox One GPU Boost Clock speed increased from 800 MHz to 853, Nvidia Shelid tablet slash controller tegra 4, Xbox One accessories now […]

Xbox One Will Drop to $399

Microsoft has a track record of dropping multiple SKU’S, before the Xbox One launches, Microsoft will announce two different versions of their console; one with Kinect 2.0 and one without. This gives gamers a chance  to buy the Xbox One for one hundred dollars less. In today’s economy, buying a Console for $500 is just too expensive.  […]

The Next Xbox Is Called:Xbox One

Microsoft when live to today revealing there next gen console Xbox one, the system has no official release date but it will be this year for sure. Microsoft announced fifteen games for launch and eight of them are exculsive. Under the hood of Microsoft power house is a Blue ray drive, 500gb hard drive, 8 […]