Kinect for PC and Tablets No Longer in Production

Microsoft has been producing standalone Kinect devices separate from the Xbox One bundle for use on PC and tablets for a while now, but not anymore. They’ve recently announced that they will be ceasing production of this version of the Kinect. The Xbox One version will still continue to be made, for now. However, Microsoft will […]

Aaron Paul Commercial Turning on Xbox Ones

Breaking Bad star, Aaron Paul, starred in a recent commercial for the Xbox One showing off the features of the console and the Kinect. During this commercial, Aaron demonstrates the voice commands of the Kinect by saying, “Xbox, on” to power up the console. This sounds insignificant enough, right? However, when he says this, it […]

According to Microsoft, The Core of Xbox One Price Drop wasn’t to Boost Sales.

As reported earlier and the news that has everyone in a tizzy today, Microsoft has finally listed to their fans….a year later but, better late than never. The Xbox One is getting are haul in June to coincide with Microsoft’s alleged blockbuster E3 conference as the console is getting re-released in June without the maligned […]

PAX EAST 2014: Rock Band and Dance Central Coming To Next-Gen.

When? Who knows? Harmonix knows. Today at PAX East, Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos says that even though they currently have no plans for a fourth title in the Dance Central and Rock Band franchise, They promise fans that both games will be out this generation for the Xbox One and PS4 and possibly the Wii […]